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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I am so sorry for not posting Thursday!
School literally took me by a storm! I haven't felt so tired in a long time. I understand now why Korean students are always sleeping in class. ㅋㅋㅋ

So lets see: My first day at Korean high school.... I got so many stares I thought I was on display at the zoo. ㅋㅋ But it was so much fun. I felt the school was huge but apparently it's one of the smaller ones in the Paju area. All Korean schools are shaped sort of like a U with there being a courtyard complete with exercise equipment and badmitton courts as well as a sitting area and such. On the outer rim of the U is a tennis court, basketball court, and a soccer field. The building is anywhere from 3-5 stories tall, depending on where you are in the school. And it has a school store on the 4?th floor which is open during break periods.

A typical schedule at Bong-il Cheon high school rotates everyday. Same time frames, just classes switch. O_0 keke. Each class is around 50 minutes and after each class you get a 10 minute rest break to do anythin you please, go outside or whatever. After 4 classes you go to lunch. Boys eat first. psh. Then after 20 minutes girls can eat! Lunch is one hour long... After you have 3 more classes with those rest breaks...
Here is the one bone I must pick with the school- the classes are not mixed except for 2. :( Then at 5 school gets over. If you're staying past required school hours (8:30-5pm) then you have an hour and a half free time (but staying within your classroom). then dinner!!! Girls eat first! :) Dinner gets over at 7:20. From there until 9 it's self study time. 9pm is when the second wave of students leave and everyone else goes upstairs to the 5th floor for "study time" until 11. Which is what I did.

I got to school, and Oppa came too with us. It felt very comforting having my two brothers on either side of me. I remember getting a ton of stares as I walked up...Thank God one of my two of my classmates were there and I vaguly knew one. They took over from what Oppa and Donghwa did and we walked inside together, people constantly staring and sreaming "HELLO" "HI" to me. haha. I already knew some of my classmates because of Wednesday night, so it was all good! They are all so friendly I really do love them and will miss them terribly. :/
I met the principal who gave me a present (pen/pencil set) and he welcomed me, I'm the first exchange student they've had because their school just opened in 2007.
My class has 40 girls XP But..I like them. Lunch was rice, soup, kimchi, meat, and some lettuce thing. It was all delicious!!

I'll update more later!
I'm going to play night badmitton ㅋㅋㅋ

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  1. heather i am glad you had fun at school but i dont think i could handle that long of a school day lol. I bet the classes are not as much fun as our AP English with McCoy and you and troy yelling at each other. I miss you soooooo much. i wish i could be there (their,they're: insert the correct one) with you right now. love you always your bestfriend Car Car