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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

People (사람)

One of my YFU friends was talking with me today and she told me that she has been actively reading my blog and checking almost every day to see if I have had any updates (I'll probably update either tonight or tomorrow about life here) but she had one complaint:
It was hard to keep track of who was who. I tend to write this as if it was my own personal diary entry so I tend to forget that not everyone knows who I am talking about. I'm sorry!

So I'm writing this post as a guide to help you with who is who. I'll make it a post as well as a page a the top of my blog just in case you want to refer back in the future!

So lets start things off!!

Eomma: Korean Mom

Appa: Korean Dad

Oppa: (Tony/Donghwee): My older brother by one year; He just came back from spending the year in the USA. **Oppa literally means older brother and is what girls call their older brothers...Or boyfriends...**

Donghwa: My brother; 18 years old, my class. He's exactly one month older than me, thus in Korean culture, he is considered my chingu (meaning friend). I can't call him Oppa because he technically isn't older than me in the eyes of Korea.

Jiwon/Jiwonnie: My younger sister (dongseng); She is 15 years old and in her last year in middle school.

Taylor: YFU Summer Korea student

Jae Unnie/Katie Unnie: Both YFU unnies.

Now for a quick guide to Korean words:

Korea is a country with a huge emphasis on respect and honor. Thus, everyone basically has a....title I guess is the proper word. Here are the basic ones that I tend to forget that I have to explain.. Sorry!!

Oppa: What a girl calls her older brother or boyfriend or older male friend (No, it isn't confusing when you call your boyfriend and brother oppa. Don't ask why, it just isn't.)
Hyung: What a boy calls his older brother or older male friend.
Unnie/Eonnie: What a girl calls her older sister or close girl friend.
Noona: What a boy calls his older sister or girl friend.
Chingu: Not really a title...Well...I'm not exactly sure what to classify a chingu as. Donghwa and I are considered Chingu's as well as everyone in my grade. You don't have to actually be friends to be a chingu. Chingu also is refered to as someone who is the same age as you... It's confusing. hah.

These are pretty much all the words I'll be calling people here as.
Any Korean word that I add here I will put the English translation in () immediatly afterwards!! don't worry!!

If you have ANY questions what-so-ever I will be glad to help.

My next post I'm going to be talking about Saturday-today as tomorrow I start school and I imagine that will be a post all in itself.

I tend to have a hard time forcin myself to write on the blog as I find it easier to write in my journal...Then I get lazy and don't want to update my blog but I know a lot of my parents friends who are reading this so I want to make this something you can experience with me.

Now about pictures.... I don't know if I'm going to upload them here or wait until I get back. I've only taken like, 300 pictures because I try to live in the momen and create memories in my head rather than through a picture. I don't want my time spent behind th camera...But don't worry, I'm getting a lot of pictures!!


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  1. YFU friend (france!)July 10, 2010 at 11:49 AM

    Woo thanks! That was definitely very helpful! Sounds like you're meeting lotsa people..