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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Flight Departure Information

Last week my official flight information came into the mail! :)

So here it is:

Tuesday, June 22nd:

-Depart Omaha: 4:45 pm
-Arrive Denver for immediate plane change [no time given]

-Depart Denver
-Arrive San Francisco: 8:27 pm

Total time: 5 hr. 43 min.

Stay Tuesday night at a hotel with a YFU rep due toflight scheduling conflicts

Wednesday, June 23rd:

-Depart San Francisco: 11:08 am

Thursday, June 24th:

-Arrive Seoul at Incheon International Airport: 3:05 pm

Total time: 11 hr 57 min.

There ya go! :)
Oh! And I have a little under 14 days left before I leave!!!

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