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Monday, June 21, 2010

Pre-Departure Jitters

I'm getting nervous.
Not like... "Oh, I-wonder-if-they'll-like-me-nervous" but rather, "I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS THAT NO ONE SEEMS TO KNOW THE ANSWER TO AND I LEAVE IN LESS THAN 24 HOURS!!!!".... That kind of nervous. :)

I spent my last day in the US finishing errands. :)
And I got my eyebrows waxed... :/ hah.

yepp... :) I got to spend the day with my parents too. :) I had suprisingly amount of fun... I'm going to miss them so much!

Sorry.. I'm pretty scatterbrained tonight...
I just can't believe that it's almost here.... The wait is almost over. :)

So I guess when I get to Seoul on the 24th, I am going to stay there for the night and *maybe* go to the US embassy the next day (If what holds true with YFU Japan is the same for YFU Korea). Then, later in the afternoon on the 25th I'll be on my train to meet my family: Appa, Eomma, Donghwa, Jiwon, and later, Oppa.

I PROMISE you that I WILL keep this updated regularly with tons of pictures and posts to satisfy you.

Ya'll should check my facebook too for the other pictures that I can't put up here.

So I guess I'll see ya'll in Korea!!

Saranghae. :)


  1. hi! this is tintin! i'm in korea right now with yfu! one of the other exchange students told me you and another american were at the office when she was. [i know...i sound like a total creeper...STALKER!] anyways, i'm from california! hopefully i get to meet you sometime, but until then...just saying hi! hope you have a wonderful time! if you have any questions, feel free to ask!

  2. Haha. Thank you! :)
    Yes, Taylor and I will be going to the YFU office sometime next week... :P
    And I'm loving it here so much!