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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My First Korean Weekend

My apologizes for those reading my blog about the lack of update. It's honestly been very very crazy here as it was YFU orientation week which meant I was literally gone Monday-Friday from 7:30 am until 6pm.

So let me wrap up this past weekend starting with Saturday.


Saturday we went to the DMZ. It was so....eerie. Since the Gyeonggi-Do province is part of the border to North Korea it is heavily protected. On the way to the Unification Observatory that borders North And South Korea there was a long gate on the right side of the road with barbed wires and every so often posts with a guard ready with their gun to fire if need be. Like I said, it was so eerie and yet, I can honestly say that I have never felt safer in my entire life. :)

The ODU is huge and spans across the border for a while so you can literally see 360 degrees around you. Appa and Eomma and Jiwonie and I went together and I had a lot of fun. Keep in mind that I had only been there a total of 3 days so we were still virtually strangers. We got down to the gift store and Appa started talking to this lady in Korean and then 4 minutes later Appa handed me this package and said it was a present. I told him that it was okay, he didn't have to buy me anything but he told me that it was a memory. :) hehe.

As we were leaving we saw these people making popped rice and Eomma asked if I liked them. I told her I never tried them before so she reached into her pocket and grabbed like, 1,000 won (1 USD) out and gave it to her. Let me tell you. Popped rice is amazing. :)

After that we went to this amazing bbq place that Jiwonie and I had seen on tv earlier and I said it looked good. :) They seriously spoil me here. We then went to this shopping district (I forgot the name) and Jiwonnie and I went on a 4-D ride!! It was so scary! As well as getting some sticky photos with each other.


Sunay we had church at 10 in the morning. Jiwonie and I went thereand we had so much fun!! I met 2 of her friends and we ended up all going out to eat at ramen place. YUMMY!! :) Then we went home and Eomma and Appa had me go with them to Hamoni's house to meet Appa's brothers. I was there for four hours.... It was sooooooo sooooo long. Eomma could tell I was getting restless so she made a random phone call and then she tells me to get into her car... I obviously follow. We end up at her best friends house who has a daughter who is top in her class and turns out...she's in my grade (2) and MY CLASS (10)!! I was so happy! It was so awkward at first... Korean's, especially Korean gils, are VERY shy towards strangers/foriegners. So.... it was awkward. But then she takes me into her room and shows me this packet...It was MY APPLICATION PACKET MY HOST FAMILY GOT REGARDING ME! And she was pointing to a picture of me at prom asking me if that was my boyfriend! haha. It was funn!!

That is pretty much all that happened last weekend. My next post will be about YFU week and the weekend. :) That will be up by tomorrow!!! yakksuk (promise!)


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